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Gingival Recession in Glen Ellyn, IL

Gum Recession Can Be Treated!

In order to restore your oral health, you will need to seek professional treatment with Dr. John Borello in Glen Ellyn, IL for receding gums. 

Gum recession treatment and prevention options include:

Frequently Asked Questions about Gingival Recession in Glen Ellyn, IL

Most dental professionals agree that gum recession is a serious condition which needs immediate treatment. However, many patients are unaware of the causes and symptoms of gum recession. This is why we have put together a short list of frequently asked questions regarding gingival recession in Glen Ellyn, IL for patients of Dr. John Borello:

  • What causes gum recession?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How is gum recession treated?
  • Why is gum recession treatment important?

What causes gum recession?

Gum recession can be brought on by several different causes. Most often, it occurs when the gum tissue becomes irritated by gum disease. It can also be the result of overly aggressive brushing habits, oral jewelry, or oral problems such as misalignment or bruxism.

What are the symptoms?

Gum recession symptoms vary by the cause and severity of the condition. Early symptoms include “long” teeth, root discoloration, and root sensitivity. More advanced symptoms can include root surface decay and teeth falling out, if the underlying support structures become severely damaged.

How is Gum Recession Treated?

Gum recession can be treated in a couple of different ways. With mild cases, education on prevention and progression are usually the course of action. However, moderate to severe cases will require procedures such as soft tissue grafts or the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ to restore the gum line to a healthier level.

Why is gum recession treatment necessary?

Without treatment, gum recession can cause severe interference with daily activities. For example, “long” teeth can alter the appearance of your smile, while root sensitivity can make it difficult to eat certain foods. In the most extreme cases, gum recession can lead to severe root surface damage or even teeth falling out.

Patients often report concern of their teeth falling out with gum recession; however, we aim to treat this condition far before tooth loss becomes a real concern. To learn more about gingival recession in Glen Ellyn, IL, contact Dr. Borello and schedule your consultation today!

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